Friday, December 4, 2009

Countdown to India

So I am new to the blogworld. Don't get me wrong - I read lots of blogs, I just have never mastered my own. But in an effort to make this easy to communicate to all of you while we are traveling, I broke down and started my own. I hope to update as often as I can with my own thoughts as well as some of the kids' entries. Let me know how I can make it better as I am open to tons of advice here.

I love the title! This isn't Farmville or Zooville. This is my real life. I might be willing to trade (recipes and such), and if your going to give me an animal - please make sure it is skinned and ready to consume.

I was musing the other day about starting a FB application called Islandville. All you would do is lay on a hammock all day long and friends could come by and give you a drink. Now that sounds like an awesome way to waste some time!

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