Friday, December 25, 2009

Friday – A very Merry Christmas from India

Friday – A very Merry Christmas from India

Today, I want to share a story that I was told on Tuesday. I saved it for today for a very special reason. It was like a gift given to me. No, I didn't open it, but yet it was so special that I will treasure it for years to come.

Blessy's mom hired extra help for our visit. After all, feeding twelve for breakfast, lunch and dinner is a far cry from feeding two. The maid that she hired was a Hindu. Immediately upon entering this house, she could tell it was not a Hindu home. There are no gods or idols set up here. The maid told Mama that she had been having these dreams about someone named Jesus. Mama took the time to explain to her about Jesus and Christianity. Right here in this house the hired maid became a Christian. Now I am sure that if God was drawing this woman to Himself through dreams that He would have used someone to tell her about Jesus. But He just so happened to use our visit as the catalyst for this conversation and conversion to take place. I can't even tell you the magnitude of how that hit me. It was a gift. A gift to me from my Heavenly Father – that said, “I needed you to be here at this time so I could show this woman what Christmas and ultimately Easter are all about.” All the homesickness in the world can not take away the joy of salvation. I shall treasure this memory and pray diligently for this woman to find a church home and someone to show her the Bible and teach her of a rich life in Christ. The gift that keeps on giving!

May you also have Christmas that is filled with the love of Christ. And may you experience Immanuel – God With US!

With Love, from Vettiyar, Kerala India

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