Sunday, December 13, 2009

God Before US

God Before Us

My prayer for our journey. Well, He most certainly was ever before us. Let me recount how - All our baggage was under the dreaded 50 pound marker. Our flight from Detroit to Atlanta was a real rocky one. Being a nervous flyer already, I just kept praying that God would somehow make a way for us to sit together on the next flight. As soon as the gate agents arrived in Atlanta they were able to get all of us in row 30 (the one behind the bulkhead) and also row 37 and 38. The only one who was seated alone was Hannah. So we prayed again and one man was willing to give up his window seat to take a dreaded middle seat for 14 hours. (Probably because he took one good look at Jonathon squealing away in Ed's lap and took that into consideration.)

Next hardship – baggage. We arrived to the baggage claim and retrieved all our luggage. One missing. Joshua's suitcase wasn't there. I thought the poor boy was going to cry like a baby. So we just sat and prayed while Abe and Ed went to file a claim. Already exhausted, the last thing we wanted to worry about was whether or not we would have to go back to the airport in the morning. After filing the claim, we went back to the baggage belt just to be sure that maybe someone realized they grabbed the wrong one, and sure enough, there was Joshua's suitcase. Oh, the relief that washed over all of us! Next up, customs. They ran our suitcases through their machine and the dude that was suppose to be checking them out wasn't even paying attention to the screen. Another woman had his attention on something else. Once again, ever before us, our way was paved. We quickly met up with Manoj, Blessy's brother-in-law. He took care of everything from there. We loaded our 14 suitcases, 7 carry-ons and 9 backpacks. Whew! It was a LOT of stuff. But we had it all! We were dropped off at our apartment, freshened up, then walked over to meet Nancy (Blessy's sister.) They are truly beautiful people. But what else did you expect? They are related to our sweet Blessy. After a true Middle Eastern dinner – it was time for us to crash. And we certainly did just that.

Our children have been troopers. They have experienced some disappointments and handled themselves well. Hannah left her Zune on the plane. So that is gone. I knew it would be something! But it is all minor all things considered.

Up next touring Dubai and AbuDhabi. (Oh, did I mention it is shorts weather?) Just thought I would throw that in.

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