Monday, December 7, 2009

Introducing the Philip family

While many of you following us on our journey know the Philip family. Some of you do not. And since we are going to be one big family of ten and I will be blogging about all of us, I figured that I would introduce this special family to those who don't have the privilege of knowing them.

Abe Philip is an Indian born in America. He is a native Detroiter. He works for Ford Motor Company in Safety management. He and Ed have so much in common that we figured they really are twins. If I want to know if Ed will like a gift, all I need to do is call Abe to see if he would like it! They share the same birthday, and so many other things that it would be to long to list. We have found about 5 or so differences to date. #1 difference would be their collegiate loyalty! Abe shares my passion for all things Michigan!

Blessy is also Indian. She was raised in Kuwait until the first Gulf War. Her family then left for their homeland. Her brothers reside in Bangalore and her mom and dad live in Kerala. We will also have the privilege of seeing her sister who lives in Dubai. Blessy is a homemaker, and lover of God's Word. This has been our uniting of hearts. God has woven in us a sisterhood. And since we are married to 'brothers' we never run out of things to talk about.

Their children are Stephanie - age 10, Gracelyn - age 5, and the little spit-fire Jonathon who is 21 months. It is noteworthy that Jonathon loves Joshua. This is good. Josh may be the only one with enough energy to keep up with this little guy in the airport while we are waiting for flights. And I am sure that this summer Josh will start teaching Jonathon some of the finer points in soccer. Scratch summer - make it this trip.

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