Friday, December 4, 2009

Our India Itinerary

Many of you have asked for this for your prayer closet: So here you go:


Tue 8-Dec Depart DTW @ 3:05pm

Arrive ATL @ 5:16pm

Depart ATL @ 8:20pm "

Wed 9-Dec Arrive DXB @ 7:15pm

Thu 10-Dec Dubai

Fri 11-Dec Dubai

Sat 12-Dec Depart DXB @ 9:55pm

Sun 13-Dec Arrive BLR @ 3:35am

Mon 14-Dec Travel to Chennai for afternoon arrival (Train #2295 Sanghamitra (Depart 9:15am; Arrive 3:00pm)

Tue 15-Dec Chennai: Teach

Wed 16-Dec Chennai: Teach

Thu 17-Dec Chennai: Teach

Fri 18-Dec Chennai: Teach

Sat 19-Dec Chennai: Teach; Travel to Kerala Train #2623 (Depart 8pm; Arrival 8:38am)

Sun 20-Dec Arrive in Kerala

Mon 21-Dec Kerala

Tue 22-Dec Kerala

Wed 23-Dec Kerala - Cape Comorin

Thu 24-Dec Kerala

Fri 25-Dec Kerala - Christmas

Sat 26-Dec Kerala

Sun 27-Dec Kerala

Mon 28-Dec Kerala - Munnar

Tue 29-Dec Kerala

Wed 30-Dec Travel to Bangalore Train #6525 (Depart 3:25pm; Arrival 6:20am)

Thu 31-Dec Arrive in Bangalore

Fri 1-Jan New Year's Day

Sat 2-Jan Bangalore

Sun 3-Jan Bangalore

Mon 4-Jan Bangalore

Tue 5-Jan Bangalore

Wed 6-Jan Depart BLR @ 6:00pm

Arrive DXB @ 8:40pm

Thu 7-Jan Depart DXB @ 11:30pm

Fri 8-Jan Arrive ATL @ 6:25am

Depart ATL @ 10:20am

Arrive DTW @ 12:25pm

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