Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Saturday - Touring Chennai

This was our last day in Chennai. We got up leisurely and had our breakfast. About 10:30am our drivers were picking us up for a tour of Chennai by car. We first stopped by St. Thomas Basilica. This is my 3rd Basilica (Quito and Quebec City) in a foreign country. When Jesus left the earth the remaining apostles scattered over the lands. The Apostle Thomas came to Southern India to spread the good news. The church was established in India very early. It is a beautiful place. To see the roots of Christianity established almost 2000 years ago in this land is really quite something to wrap my mind around.

After touring the Basilica we traveled the road that goes along the beach. Chennai is home to the second longest Beach in the world right off the Bay of Bengal. We saw all the fishermen's boats and nets. And right off the sidewalk is where you go early in the morning to buy the fish that was just caught. By the time we arrived, it would have been a good time to pass on the fish. It was already hot outside and the fish had been sitting for quite awhile. Yes, you can imagine the odor.

Driving along – we arrived at the Mylapore Temple. This is one of the oldest Hindu temples in India. The whole area is full of different Temples to any number of the 2 million gods that they need to please. It was something. But I am glad we just drove by. After this we went to a couple stores. Blessy and I headed to a Children's clothing store to find churidars for the little girls. No such luck. Ed and Abe headed to the Christian bookstore. The good news – Blessy and I had all the money. So any purchases had to go through us. We met up with them and found that they only had a handful of books. Relief! I kept reminding Ed that we only had limited poundage for our luggage.

This pretty much concluded our tour of Chennai. We made our way back to our hotel to pack up our bags to make our 8pm train to Kerala.

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