Sunday, December 27, 2009

Saturday - Veega Land

Our adventure today started out early. I had to be up at 5:30am!!!!!! I asked, “Where is the sale again?” Because I only get up that ungodly hour for a sale or to catch a flight! Nope. Neither of those – we were heading to an amusement park. Ewwww. I gave those up right along with youth ministry. Crowds, Heat, being in wet clothing all day from water rides are not my idea of fun anymore. Sadly – it is the kids idea of fun. So we were off. Every time we journey somewhere it is an adventure. We had a new driver today who actually knew how to drive a bus. So when he said three hours, it really was three hours. Another good thing is you pay the driver by kilometer not by time. Otherwise – Ooni would be one rich dude.

The theme park was small by American standards, but was full of adventure and just the right size for the kids. Being so fair, I spent a large part of my time finding the shady spots. I really hate sunburns. I was left for awhile with a sleeping Jonathon. This was actually fun. I sat on a bench with a sleeping baby in a stroller next to me. Oh the looks I got. I even had one man come up and asked if he was my child. I laughed and laughed. Apparently he missed that week in Biology class. I was able to explain in sign language that his parents where on the nearby ride. I had fun watching people watch me. I was wearing sunglasses so they were none the wiser that I was watching them. They would look, then do the double take. Then they would pass by and get several steps away before they looked back. Apparently I am the amusement. But the kids were a treasure. Two of the girls just came right up to me and started asking questions. They wanted to know all about us, and their English was very good. When Rachel came back she caught a tiny tiny toad. It was probably the size of of the tip of the pinky. These little Indian girls were absolutely mesmerized by it all. It was the sweetest thing. In all I had about 35 people stop by and as I like to say, “work on their Inglish.” But the highlight of all – was when a group of school girls around the age of 15 asked to have my picture taken with them. There were probably a dozen of them. Blessy explained that they were probably from a remote village and I may have been the first white person they had ever seen. I hope I left I good impression. I smiled and laughed, but my children laughed harder. Josh said he was so lucky to have a “famous” mom. I will remind him of that.

I have found that the Indians we have encountered are very curious but for the most part shy. But the few who are more brave are very sweet. Today was no exception. I have fallen in love with the people here. I will definitely treasure all these sweet memories. My only regret is that I didn't get a picture of me with the school girls.

To Jerry Hines and Steve Zarilli - thank you so much for taking our kids to Cedar Point. I will not tire of writing that particular check to you.

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