Sunday, December 13, 2009

Surreal Thursday

So we started out the day with authentic Indian food. Idli and chickpea curry. Oh, so yummy. Then we loaded up the van and headed to AbuDhabi. We went to the zoo there. It is the biggest zoo in the UAE. It was about 2 hour drive there. On our drive I kept feeling like I was having an out of body experience. Am I really here? Is this really the other side of the world? Did I really wake up this morning to the sound of the Muslim call to prayer? I am in the middle of a super wealthy desert place. Amazing! Some things definitely have that hometown familiarity. KFC, Pizza Hut, Toys R Us, Outlet Malls just to name a few. Women in Burqas, and the sickle and moon, definitely tell another story. But I remember back when Hannah went to Angel House that the charge was to pray for the Muslims every time you heard their call to prayer. What a great reminder.

Over all, we have found the people friendly. Once again the hospitality by Manoj and Nancy overwhelm me. We found out this evening that people from their church have been calling all day making sure we got in okay as they had been praying for us. The body of Christ is amazing. Tomorrow – I have been told that we are going shopping. I hope they aren't teasing me. Ed and Abe will be speaking at the church here. Then fun times afterward. But I will save all that for tomorrow.

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