Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tuesday - And on the Seventh Day they rested

Yes, it's true, all the travels of the past week called for a do-nothing, see-nothing day. A day set aside for naps and settling in to our home for the next few days. It was absolutely wonderful. Today was Ed and Abe's first day of teaching at the Leadership Training. They met up with us for lunch which was great because breakfast with all the kids didn't go so smooth. We had a buffet of international cuisine. Every thing from Thai, Mandarin, Italian and of course, Indian. Just a little FYI – if you see a 'diet' Indian cookbook, pass right on by. Indian food is by no means healthy. AT ALL. Even though it is very vegetarian – everything is deep fried or starts with a gallon of oil. The cookbook may be useful if you are looking for your cows to lose weight. They are very lean and abundant here. But I digress....

Choosing today as the day of rest was good. It poured outside today. We are told that it doesn't rain this heavy at this time of year. In fact it doesn't rain this heavy for the long duration hardly ever here. Parts of the city had to be evacuated it was so intense.

Around 8pm the guys showed up with a light dinner. This works out nicely as we really don't want to eat heavy dinners just before bed. However, we have learned that 8pm for dinner is early here. They normally eat at 9:30 or later. Then they head right to bed. Again, another great eating habit – NOT! The guys were tired after a long day of teaching and we were exhausted from a long day of rest:) So off to bed.

*An Indian Christmas funny: I had this thought last night. You know how It's A Wonderful Life says every time a bell rings an angel gets it's wings. Well, if you applied this principle of every time a horn honks, an angel gets it's wings – There would literally be millions of angels getting wings every second. It's loud here. I thought Ecuador was loud – Nope. Hands down this place is MUCH, MUCH louder.

Good night all!

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