Friday, December 18, 2009

Wednesday – Shopping in Chennai

Wednesday – Shopping in Chennai
So we woke up with the men and went down and had breakfast with them. Got to be honest here – having curry first thing in the morning is starting to wain in its appeal to me. So this morning I stuck with toast and jam. I know – so boring. One other thing that is wearing is the lack of decent coffee. All coffee is served with milk. Well, when you pour it – literally chunks come out of the pot. It is the skin of the milk – think pudding. I just can't stomach it. I like it black! Blessy promises me that her mom will make me black coffee when we get to Kerala. I told her to plan on making a whole pot for me.

After breakfast – Sheila came by to pick us up for an afternoon of shopping and lunch. We started our adventure at an artisan market. We picked up little homemade trinkets as souvenirs. Then we headed over to Spencer's mall. This is a mall that would be considered high end. You can get just about any name brand shoe, purse, clothing that you want here. Fun, but a bit on the expensive side. After this the kids were getting a bit restless so we went to lunch. Authentic South Indian vegetarian cuisine was on tap. Sheila ordered a sampler platter for Blessy and I. I successfully ate without utensils except for the rice. I can't seem to get the hang of that. Maybe with a little more practice. After lunch was one more stop – Shopping for Churidars. This is the traditional Indian dress. Very fun, however, the little ones were all shopped out. They were ready to go back to the hotel. Oh, and I forgot to mention that Sheila and Mano's daughter got the day off school. So Rathini, a very sweet 10 year old, also joined us for our shopping adventures. She loved on the little ones, and they fell in love with her.

After we were done, we were dropped off at the hotel and pretty much crashed. By the time Ed and Abe got back from teaching I was almost asleep for the night. I told Ed to wake me at 6am. Then went to sleep without dinner, for sleep was far more important.

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