Tuesday, November 9, 2010

48 hours

Wow! Just a little bit longer to get everything in order. In just under two weeks, God has blessed me with some amazing friends and family that helped me raise $1700. I just want to thank them for their incredible generosity. Today I am busy with laundry and packing and last minute stuff. I am also dreading saying goodbye to the kiddos and the hubby too of course. I know the trip will be so short and before I can exhale we will back. But it is still hard.


  1. Esther,

    You have no idea how encouraging this blog has been to me tonight. After a crazy series of events (lunch with a friend who i found out knew butch morely, to calling butch shortly after, to tonight looking on butch's website, to noticing india (which has been on my heart) is included on the countries the j316 ball is in, to seeing Ed's name at the bottom of that post, to contacting him, to him directing me to your blog. WOW. our God is amazing, huh?!)

    I will be praying for you and your trip (and following it on here)! I would LOVE to hear about it when you're home!!!!!

    With love,
    Melanie Hall (On Goal soccer coach)

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