Monday, November 22, 2010

Day 7 - Moving On

How do you move on after yesterday's emotional day? Without a doubt it moved us all. It was a defining point in our trip. A day that will be imprinted into our memory banks and forever give a a new lens to view the world. There seems to be an appropriate song for everything, but the lyrics that come to mind are, "keep me from just singing and move me into action." Our hope is that somehow, someway we can take these visions home with us and share them in the hopes of bringing some kind of change. What that all looks like remains a mystery, but I don't think God revealed all that so we could come back unchanged.

Thankfully, today was a lighter ministry day. In fact we were ministered to more than we ministered to others. This morning was staff devotions with the FPTL. They fast each Friday morning and pray. And when I say pray, I mean pray! They have hundreds if not thousands of requests from around the world. They split up in small groups and cover all of them. They lay hands on a map of India over the different regions and pray for the pastors there. The persecution they suffer. And that the Gospel of Christ will penetrate further and further into the hearts of the people. We had a time of singing and sharing from God's Word.

Up next was lunch and shopping. I know it seems like we did a lot of shopping but really it was a shop here and a store there. Nothing major.

Our final destination was the AFRA orphanage. While we loved the orphanage, all would agree that we needed a lot more time with the kids. It was over an hour away and we had all of 45 minutes with the kids. We would have preferred a few hours. The kids here were older and spoke English. It would have been great to talk and get to know them. In our brief time we sang with them, played a few games and left all the crafts and snacks for them to enjoy another time. Another hour in the van put most of us over the edge. We were so sick of driving in this city. It is so congested. Many are starting to have tummy issues.

Just a quick note about Prasad our driver. We were suppose to head to his house today and meet his wife and family. But sadly, we couldn't fit it into our busy schedule. I know that he was bummed. While he tried not to show it, he became very quiet. Tomorrow is one more day to minister to this man.

Just a quick note about pictures. One of the reasons that not many pictures are up is because we don't have the necessary cables for all the camera types to download everyone's pictures. The new media specialist on staff with FPTL has been taking hundreds of photos but we won't see them until we get home. He is cutting us all CD's of the week. So we will get those pictures up upon our return. I know that a picture is worth a thousand words. Experiencing it all is priceless.

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