Monday, November 15, 2010

Day Two

The following entry is suppose to be on the WBC site but for some reason we are having technical difficulties, so I will post here and will post my personal one later.

Day Two - Worship
After a much needed nights rest the team headed out fairly early today. The church was about an hour from our hotel. What a treat it was to worship with the people here. The three hour service in hot and sticky conditions gave us all a new appreciation for our quickie worship with comfy seats and temperatures. But there was something about a non scripted service that was very moving as well. Lana Seidel and Carolyn Ciocan were able to give their testimonies to the congregation and our team sang a couple worship songs. Mano Daniel delivered the message with his dear wife, Sheila, translating for us. After the service there was an ordination of elders and a baptism.

While the baptism was occurring, the women of the church divided into three groups. Our team divided up amongst the groups. We shared about our life and struggles and they also shared their own. While our lifestyles look so different, our concerns for our family and unsaved loved ones united our hearts. As we departed this church the women of the church sent us off with this, "we will see you in heaven." While this was hard to hear it probably is a reality. But on that sweet day that we are united, we will once again worship the same Lord and Savior that we did today without a language barrier. How sweet that will be!

Back at the hotel we had a bit of time to rest and clean up before heading out again. Only this time it was all about shopping! Sheila took us to the largest mall in Chennai. We were able to stimulate the local economy a bit. Much to the shop keepers delight and our husbands' chagrin.

A special note to the Lake Orion campus - Pastor Rick, we thank you for all your effort to get comfy chairs. We have a new appreciation for them.

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